The company has been active in the field of logistics since 2009. We design comprehensive logistics solutions focused on meeting individual customer requirements. As providers of contract logistics, we provide planning, monitoring, warehousing, assembly and goods preparation processes for the end customer.

Logistics services



The warehouse facilities in Bratislava are a great solution for customers who need to have their goods at hand. The warehouse facility serves as an easy access warehouse for your store and you can arrange with us to have it available even outside opening hours. The warehouse is in an excellent location that is easy to access, close to a motorway, airport and a customs office. The warehouse offers:


  • a shelving system, with the possibility to warehouse pallets between 1.2m and 2.0m in height.
  • space for loosely stored goods with an area of 500m2
  • a handling area of 300m2
  • a 24-hour security service
  • a camera surveillance system
  • a cold storage facility with an area of 100m2
  • a possibility to warehouse oversized goods

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Warehouse with us

Warehousing facilities in Bratislava with an area of 2,240 m² with a shelving system for 2,500 warehouse locations.


Logistics services for online stores

BM Log. Service, s.r.o. has been active in the transport and logistics sector since 2009, it provides comprehensive logistics services to its customers, helps them grow and saves their time and money.

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